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Hi, i'm Chris.
I've been a Traditional Signwriter, Commercial Artist and Photographer for many years.

In recent years the demand for hand written work has declined so I decided to move into a more specialised field comprising of more "Old Fashioned" and individual type faces (my italics for instance), creating a more folk-art and personalised effect to my work. I often use swirls, embelishments, stars etc. making it more individual and personalised.

My past pictoral and design work has included artwork and cartoons on cars, vans, motorcycles, pub signs, canal boat work, banners etc. These can be seen in the Work Gallery.

During the 1980's I had a main road sign shop on the busy Woolwich Road in London. This bought a wide range of work through my door.
I am presently writing a book about the experience, recalling unusual jobs, people I had to deal with, funny anecdotes etc. It will be available on this site where extracts will be posted.